Mushroom01Spring is the perfect season to visit Lewiston, Michigan. Most of us have cabin fever after a long cold winter, and the thought of getting outdoors is very appealing. That is especially true if you enjoy a walk in the woods in northern Michigan. And the forests of Michigan offer a beautiful and bountiful opportunity for those who forage for the uniquely delicious morel mushroom. From early May until early June, Michigan wildflowers are a sight to behold. The observant hiker will find Dutchman's Breeches, Pink Lady Slippers, Jack in the Pulpit, Trout Lilies, and an abundance of white Trillium in the Lewiston area. At the same time that these beautiful wildflowers are coming up, so too, are the morel mushrooms. First pops-up the black morel in early to mid May, then the blonde (or so-called white) morel, usually late May to early June. There are ample locations to explore on state land that is open to hikers. North of Lewistion, for example, are the Pigeon River State Forest and the Atlanta State Forest. The Michigan state map shows many other areas near Lewston that are open to hikers. A good time to visit is Mother's Day weekend, because the Lewiston Chamber of Commerce holds its annual Morel Mushroom Festival on Saturday of that weekend. So come up and enjoy the fun of exploring the northern Michigan woods, with the opportunity to add the exquisite taste of the morel to your next meal.

(Although the morel mushroom is one of the easiest edible mushrooms to identify, first time hunters should go with an experienced morel hunter to ensure correct identification.)

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