Deer01Hunting: So many options!

Northeast Michigan, especially around Lewiston, has long been a favorite place among hunters.

Whitetail deer: "Deer camp" is a tradition here. The whitetail hunt can be in the high hills, in the low swamps, along farmland edges, or wherever your hunting skills prefer. Michigan's seasons are plentiful, with opportunities for youth, handicap, bow, crossbow or gun.

Upland bird hunting: Wild turkey are plentiful in a spring season, and also in a fall hunt. Using turkey calls from a blind works best. The young aspen stands hold ruffed grouse and woodcock, and nothing beats a well-trained bird dog working in the beautiful autumn colors.

Waterfowl: Our area's lakes and wetlands hold a variety of ducks and geese, and the area is along the flyway from Canada for flight ducks and geese. In the late part of the season, the diving ducks make a stop here.

Black bear: There are bear opportunities for both still hunters and hound runners, and one of Michigan's largest trophy bear was taken in the Lewiston area.

Elk: Michigan's elk herd is just north of Lewiston. It is a controlled hunt with licenses on a lottery, and those fortunate enough to be drawn get a hunt of a lifetime for these huge animals.

Small game: Squirrel hunting is great for the beginning hunter, and our mix of gray, red and fox squirrels are a fun quarry. Black squirrels are plentiful here, too. Winter rabbit hunting is great sport for man and beagle, with cottontail and snowshoe bunnies dashing from brush-piles. A few highly skilled hunters go after bobcat, a very elusive animal.

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