ORV & ATV Riding

ATV06There are a number of trails in the area for off-road and all-terrain vehicles. The Michigan Cross Country Cycle Trail runs through the area, and many trails connect to that. Near Lewiston, the Avery Hills trail is popular. West of Lewiston, of Old State Road, the Crapo Creek trail offers a loop ride.

South of Lewiston., trails connect with Mio and Grayling.

Trails are color-coded with small triangles, some for trail motorcycles only, some for four-wheeled vehicles, and some for mixed traffic, including four-wheel drive full size trucks. For safety, know the system and check the maps available at DNR offices and on the internet. Try www.fishweb.com/recreation/orv/maps or michigan.gov/dnr or michigantrails.us.

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